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Division of Marketing and Development
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Mayo Building, M-9
407 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800
(850) 487-8000

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Charles H. Bronson, Commissioner


How are fields leveled for planting?

How are lasers used in agriculture?

Compare some common irrigation systems for energy efficiency, effectiveness and water use.

What simple machines are used to make complex farming equipment?

What types of equipment can help reduce the amount of water used in agriculture?

What can be done to reduce corrosion of outdoor machinery?

How do mechanical pumps work to get ground water to the soil's surface?

How are computers used to assist with the development of machines?

How are gears used to make work easier in farming?

How do truck scales determine the weight of a truck load? Why are truck scales important?

How are the large factories, such as tomato processing plants, designed?

How does the generator work? How are generators used in agriculture?

Analyze why farming equipment changes so rapidly.

Compare the efficiency of old farming equipment to the efficiency of new farming equipment.

How and why do food packaging plants make packages air tight?

What is a grain elevator and how does it work?

Design and make a piece of equipment that has a specific role in agriculture.

How do various types of metals hold up to heat and pressure?

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