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Citrus Juice

Citrus Juice

Florida ranked second only to Brazil as the worlds leading producer of citrus juice in 1996-97, squeezing out more than 1.5 billion gallons.

Orange juice made up more than 89 percent of all Florida citrus juice in 1996-97. Florida turned 96 percent of the states 244-million-box orange crop into more than 900 million gallons of single strength equivalent concentrate (FCOJ), more than 400 million gallons of chilled juice and more than 1.0 million gallons of canned juice.

Grapefruit accounted for more than 140 million gallons of juice, and tangerines made up a little over 9.5 million gallons.

Citrus juice processing produced another million tons of pulp for animal feed, 23,579 tons of molasses and more than 30 million pounds of citrus flavoring.Scientists at the Florida Department of Citrus invented frozen concentrated orange juice in 1945. In 1948, the department gave the patent for the process to the U.S. Government, helping to make the entire frozen concentrate industry commercially viable.

Brazil, Florida and Mexico (in that order) are the worlds top three producers of orange juice.

More than 96 percent of all the oranges grown in Florida in 1996-97 were processed into orange juice. Florida produced more than one billion gallons of single strength equivalent orange juice.