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History & Facts:
Chicken has been a major food source for man since long before recorded history. Many archaeologists and anthropologists consider the chicken to be man's first domesticated animal.

Prices dropped slightly for both broilers and eggs in 1997, and the overall value slipped 2.6 percent to $353 million from the record $363 million in 1996.

Egg prices dropped four cents a dozen, but the overall value of $123.7 million was still the third highest in Florida history.

Broilers sold for 38.5 cents a pound in 1997, down three percent from the year before, but the value of $229.3 million nearly matched the record $230.6 million in 1996.

The value of sales from Other Chickens (mostly spent laying hens) amounted to $44 million in 1997, down from $88 million in 1996.

Commercial hatcheries produced 127.8 million straight run chicks in 1997, down slightly from 124.3 million in 1996. Broiler-type chicks accounted for 89 percent of the chicks hatched.

Suwannee is the leading broiler producing county, sending more than 25 million birds to market annually with a 1997 value of nearly $30 million.

Nutritional Value:
Chicken is a good source of protein and B vitamins. In addition, skinless breast meat is a good source of low fat nutrients.

Chicken should be stored at 30 degrees fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 95 to 100 percent. The approximate storage life is 5 days.