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Information for Teachers

Integrating agriculture into the science curriculum is a very important and practical process. Agriculture fits naturally into science and math classes.

Students need to become aware of the origin of their food and fiber. As more and more rural areas become urbanized and families become further removed from their agricultural roots, fewer children understand where their food, clothing and shelter originates.

Due to scientific research and technological advancements, only 2-3 percent of the United States population produces the food and fiber the rest of us consume. Approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population derives its livelihood from agribusiness. This includes activities relating to transportation, processing and their actions which move food and fiber from farm to the consumer.

Students will better understand the world around them if their teachers continue to associate their science lessons with "real world" practical experiences. Instilling an awareness and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in new generations is the mission of the Florida Agriculture in the Classroom program.

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc., supports and coordinates many exciting learning experiences for children and their teachers, such as field trips, workshops, guest speakers, computer software, videotapes, lesson plans plus many more activities and programs.
Ag in the Classroom

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