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Division of Marketing and Development
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Mayo Building, M-9
407 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800
(850) 617-7300

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner

Radio Spot

Title: Buy Florida-Grown (2010)

Length: 30 seconds

Voice 1: Whether at your local green market, corner grocery store or neighborhood restaurant …
…you're supporting your community when you buy local.
Voice 2: Food grown right here by Florida farmers doesn’t need to be shipped as far.
Voice 3: That saves fuel and cuts emissions.
Voice 4: Buying local is more than just supporting area businesses and growers …
Voice 1: … it’s buying fresh, wholesome and delicious food for your family.
Voice 2: Products you trust from people you trust.
Voice 1: Fresh from Florida.
Voice 4: Good for the environment …
Voice 3: Good for the economy …
Voice 2: Good for you.

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