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Hosting Request
Hosting Facts
Tour Schedule

What hours should I operate for viewing of my private garden?

Tour hours are up to each host. For example, if you wish to show your garden from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, or every day from 2 to 6 p.m., that is up to you. A map listing the venues and hours of operation will be made available to the public.

What kind of educational opportunities should I provide?

Providing additional opportunities to garden viewers is up to you. Many public gardens as well as IFAS County Cooperative Extension Offices will be providing educational opportunities. If you wish to offer something, please include that information on the online form.

As a viewer, is there a specific tour route I must follow?

No. Each tour "route" is up to the individual. You may choose to visit all the venues in a zone, some of the venues or venues in your area. You can even choose to visit more than one zone and even all three!

What if I am interested in taking the tour but I don't want to show my garden or I don't have a garden?

If you are interested in the tour, all you have to do is check back here periodically for venue selections. There will be addresses and hours of operation for each venue. Also, a map will be available once all venues are selected.

Is there a fee?

Each venue will be free of charge unless otherwise stated. Some public gardens may require a fee for entrance. These fees will be noted online as well as in the map which will be available once venues are chosen.