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Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award

The brochures and print resources listed below were produced by the Division of Marketing and Development. To view the cover of the publication, click on the publication name.  To download the publication in PDF format, click on the file size in the right-hand column.

Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award
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2011 Straughn Farms, LLC 2.3 MB
2010 Saturiwa Conservation Area, 3 Boys Farm, Arapaho Citrus Management 2.7 MB
2009 Dairy Production Systems, Loop's Nursery 1.1 MB
2008 Carroll Brothers Nursery, Brock Family Farm 1.1 MB
2007 Gwinn Brothers Farm, Fraleigh Nursery, Buck Island Ranch, Butler Oaks Farm 1.6 MB
2006 Riverview Flower Farm, Lightsey Cattle Company, Tampa Wholesale Nursery 1.2 MB
2005 Kerry's Bromeliad Nursery, Larson Dairy, Richard N. Raid, Ph.D. 689 KB
2004 Blue Heron Grovers, M&B Products, Inc., Stan Carter 943 KB
2003 Aquatica Tropicals, Inc., Sun City Tree Farm, Williamson Cattle Company 863 KB
2002 Danial A. Botts, Holloway Irrigation Systems, Sanwa Growers, Inc. 837 KB
2001 Barthle Brothers Ranch, Carlton 2x4 Ranch 836 KB
2000 Evans Properties, Inc., Pacific Tomato Growers 1.3 MB
1999 Lykes Bros., Inc., Suwannee Farms, Two Rivers Ranch, Inc. 1.9 MB
1998 Longino Ranch, V&W Farms 374 KB
1997 Anclote River Ranch 170 KB
1996 Edward "Jack" Campbell, Citrus World, Inc., Ekkwill Waterlife Resources 1.4 MB
1995 Bright Hour Ranch, Burt McKee, Davie Dairy, Inc., Deseret Ranches of Florida, Fulford Farms, Inc., O.F. Nelson and Sons Nursery, Schroeder Manatee Ranch 1.9 MB
1994 A. Duda and Sons, Inc., Adams Ranch, Inc., Babcock Florida Company, Gustafson's Dairy Farm, Jon's Nursery, Inc., Rafter T. Cattle Company 1.7 MB

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