Commissioner Adam H. Putnam

Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

Commissioner's Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award

1994 Winner

Jon's Nursery, Inc.
Eustis, Florida

Jon Rackley’s achievements in water conservation have established standards of excellence for the Florida nursery industry. Focusing on the importance of water availability and reuse and its application for Florida’s well-drained sandy soils. Rackley was the first to install a system that collects and recycles nearly all the water needed to grow landscape plants on a portion of his nursery. This reduced by 80 percent the amount of water withdrawn from the aquifer, and virtually eliminated water and nutrient runoff.

Rackley’s concern for the environment extends beyond his business practices to his personal approach to preserving and beautifying Florida. He is active in extension educational programs where he shares his expertise on water reclamation and reuse with industry groups, which have begun to adopt similar systems. -- 1994


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