Commissioner Adam H. Putnam

Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

Commissioner's Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award

1995 Winner

Bright Hour Ranch
Arcadia, Florida

Bright Hour Ranch is a 45,000-acre commercial cow/calf operation, citrus and sod production venture. Approximately 16,000 acres is in improved acreage, 500 acres is planted in citrus and the balance is native grazing pasture that supports the cattle herd and wildlife habitat.

Calvin Houghland has strived to protect and augment the area's natural resources and ecological systems. Recognizing the importance of water systems, the ranch has constructed a weir structure in order to create and preserve a water system that enhances the surrounding wetlands and provides habitat for a variety of wildlife. This weir provides a freshwater lake of more than 20 acres and controls runoff from a canal that serves as the major water source in that area for livestock and wildlife.

Bright Hour Ranch maintains a licensed 4,800-acre game preserve that is managed as an integral part of the ranch operation. In addition to the game preserve, the ranch works with the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission in the management of its deer population through the annual doe deer harvest program. -- 1995


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