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The Century Pioneer Family Farm Program was initiated in 1985 by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and honors families who have maintained at least 100 years of continuous family farm ownership.  The program acknowledges the benefit that family farms and ranches provide to the state of Florida, and recognizes these pioneers as the original stewards of the land for preserving environmental resources and for helping foster the state’s agricultural industry which provides an important economic base for Florida.

Ownership of property by a family for 100 years or more can be determined from an abstract of title or original record such as original deed or land patents. Other authentic land records may be acceptable.  The farm, in whole or in part, must have been in continuous family ownership. Title to the property today must reside in a blood relative of the original owner, or a legally adopted child of a descendant.  Title to the property must be continuous.

In addition to receiving a certificate, Century Pioneer Family Farms also receive a sign that can be posted on the property denoting its significance.  To apply for membership, download the application at the bottom of this page.

Certified Farm/Families

Florida Century Pioneer Family Farms
County Certified Family Member
Alachua Earl F. Boston
  Kathleen Eubanks
  John and Suzanne Gotro
  Thomas C. Green
  R.J. and Joan Hogan
  Earl Jeffords
  Mary Lou McFadden
  J.B. Richardson
  Roland J. Thomas
  Bennet Dell Traxler
  Ashley M. Wood
Baker E. Ed Yarbrough
Bay Susan White
Bradford Percy S. and Christa K. Moody
  Daniel E. Nettles
  Emory M. Prevatt Sr.
  Dempsey R. Sapp
  James Richard Wainwright
Calhoun Cecil F. Sexton
Citrus Clinton E. Marsh
  Geraldine Savary‑Ogden
Clay Merrill E. Glisson
Columbia Lassie Goodbread Black
  Blanche H. Kirby
  Jimmy J. Markham
  Earl Rumph
  J. Quinton Rumph
DeSoto Ed and Ann Johnson
  Gwendolyn Garner Johnson
  Nellie Johnson Robertson
Duval Thomas Eugene Broward
  Elwood E. Geiger
Gadsden Annette S. Bradley
  Woodrow Chester
  Nelson and Karen Clark
  John Cooksey
  Willie M. Cox
  Forrest Davis Jr.
  H. Newton Edwards
  Claude Embry Edwards
  Clara F. Fletcher
  Evelyn Glenn
  William and Leslie Johnson
  Evelyn M. Leonard
  Don May Jr.
  Farris Parramore
  M.D. Peavy Jr.
  Lynn L. Poucher
  Jimmy Franklin Rowan Sr.
  R.G. Suber
  Patricia E. Townsend
  Hal E. VanLandingham
  J. Thad White
  Thomas C. White
Gilchrist Ben Colson
  C.V. Jones
  Miles Prescott
Gulf Ralph Cox
Hamilton Clarence E. Adams
  Dorothy Roebuck Avriett
  Alton M. Henderson
  Johnson Homestead
  Ray Roebuck
  Nita Mae Tompkins
  Kenneth F. Tuten
  Linda C. Wilkes
  Susan and Allyson Zant
Hardee Jean B. Burton
  Dr. Barbara Carlton
  Mabry Carlton
  Reson L. Holt
  Doyle Parker
  Wendell Mark Smith
  W. Wilton Stephens
  Thomas C. Underwood
  Enoch and Tealy Wingate Eddy
Hernando William C. Croom Jr.
  W.E. Hope
Hillsborough Zane C. Blanton
  William Edward Bugg
  Arthur W. Fisher Jr.
  Thomas and Ellen Folsom
  Elisha Futch
  Eugene Griffin Hawthorne
  Glenn H. McDonald
  John A. Mulrennan Jr.
  Richard D. Purvis
  Richard and Martha Sue (Hawkins) Skinner
  Judith Branch Trauner
  William L. Williams
Holmes Wilhelmina P. Belcer
  Robert G. and Lovelle Pears Wilkerson
Jackson James L. Beauchamp
  Robert K. Dunaway
  Willam and Faye Gable
  Charles Hagler
  Ben Hall
  Raymond Hart
  Max Hinson
  Myra Phillips Hurst
  David L. Kent
  Arthur L. Kimbrough Jr.
  Edwin L. Mozley
  William H. Neel
  D. Wayne and Stacey Reese
  Lindsay and Nell Roach
  I.H. Stone
  Charles Hagler
Jefferson Rex C. Bishop
  Edwin Hall Finlayson
  John M. Finlayson
  James P. Loeb
  Mogi Kinsey O'Neil
  Josie Kinsey Rand
  Lois B. Sweat
  John A. Wethington Jr.
Lafayette Dolan A. Buchanan
  Billy G. Dees
  Barney and Lynn Hart
  Cleo Hart Jr.
  Donald C. and Margaret D. Hurst
  Darren and Heather Jackson
  Clifton and Gladys Shiver
Lake Cyleta Lee Austin
  Gladys S. Biggers
  Ruby R. Lee
  Richard A. Stokes
Lee Francis A. Bailey
Levy Nettie Mae P. Brewington
  Alene A. Colson
  Fant-Blagg Family
  Charles Raymond Lowman
  Ruby P. Pantella
  Alice P. Rawls
  Newnan Brian Sanchez
  Helen T. Thompson
Leon Richard Henry Billingsley
  Thomas H. Cromartie Jr.
  Tom L. Jones
  Earl F. Moore
  Charles C. Roberts
  James H. Roberts
Liberty Duncan Hosford
  Kenneth Hosford
Madison Hugh Wetzel Blair
  W.H. Cason
  Jeanette Hadden
  Mary Lilla Johnson
  Clifford Leslie
  Dewayne Leslie
  Donald F. Loper
  Waldon Leroy Richardson
  Harvey E. Rye Sr.
  James J. Sale Jr.
  Edward W. Smith Jr.
  W.J. Spradley Jr.
  Donnie Glenn Waldrep
  Albert W. Waldrep
Manatee John J. Keen
  Carl A. Newman
  Egbert S. "Bud"
Marion Diane Priest Joyner
  Verner Evan Knoblock
  J. Pierce Smith
  Ashley C. Yonque
Nassau Julius C. Davis
  L.L. Owens Jr.
Okaloosa Jerry L. Senterfitt
  Sumpter W. Senterfitt
Orange Patrick Henry Brown
  Charles E. Hawthorne Sr.
  John F. Isaacson
  Harry D. Roper
  Dr. Robert L. Tilden
Osceola James F. Lawson
  Kempfer Family
  Cecil E. Whaley
Pasco William P. Burkett Jr.
  Walter F. Gude
  Sarah E. Hammond
  Margaret M. Hawk
  Marquerite duPont Spears
Pinellas Richard L. Booth
  Nancy M. McLaughlin
Polk W.D. Crews Jr.
  Deborah Kinney Jones
  Richard C. Kinney
  James T. Tice Jr.
  Dwight W. Wilson
Putnam William D. Carrier Jr.
  John W. Collette
  Samuel J. Hancock
  Mary Elizabeth Murphy
Seminole Eva Mathieux Markowicz
St. Johns Francis N. Brubaker
  James B. Floyd
  R.E. McCullar
  Clement E. Solano
  Charles R. Usina
Sumter Nellie L. Beville
  William D. Caruthers
  H. Guy Thompson
Suwannee Thelma M. Cannon
  Helen M. Cribbs
  Marvin P. DeLegal
  Lamar Gamble
  Stephen G. Godbold Jr.
  James and Francis McClellan
  Cary H. Mills
  Leon G. Mobley
  Marvin A. O'Hara
  A.W. Ross Jr.
  Claude and Sandra Starling
  Fred S. Waller
  Steve and Susan Wood
Taylor Joy Towles Cummings
Union David Browning
  Mallie M. Griffis
Volusia Joyce Arnott
  Markalee Blackwelder
  Stanley C. Blackwelder
  John V. Cade
  Joseph Clifton
  Elvin B. Daugharty
  Linnea Hagstrom Ford
  D.F. Harper
  Mary Ann Meekins
  Peter R. Pierson
  Mary Lee Prevatte
  David Strawn
Wakulla Richard F. Gowdy
  William and Cornelia Harden
  Clara and D.R. Sparkman
  Robert H. Roddenberry
  Maurice Raker
Walton Adams Farms Inc.
  Thomas M. McNeill.
  Arnie Pryor Jr.
Washington Frances S. Fussell
  James Tyrus Peel
  James A. Tiller

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