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The Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving the history of Florida agriculture, was created in 1980. Men and women who have made outstanding contributions to Florida agriculture are inducted annually during a ceremony held each February at the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

Previous inductees have come from all walks of life including agricultural teachers, researchers, farmers, ranchers and government. Their lives and achievements are commemorated in a display on permanent exhibit in the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Foundation building at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

Anyone can submit a nomination on behalf of a candidate for the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame website listed below. Nomination forms must be completed as specified in the instructions. Deadline for submitting nominations is September 1.


Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame
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2013 Daniel A. Botts; Charles H. Bronson; Paul L. Nicoletti; Eugene E. Trotter
2012 Laurence Paul Cutts; Bob Fuchs; Gerald Mixon; Sydney L. Sumner
2011 Bill and Trudy Carey; William Patrick Cockrell; Paul Magnus Lyrene; Joseph Orsenigo
2010 Dan McClure; Richard Alger; Ben Hill Griffin III; Rudy Hamrick
2009 Dr. James Griffiths; Richard Kelly; Kay Richardson; Mason Smoak
2008 "Pete" Clemons; Hugh Malakowsky English; Fritz Stein Jr.; Alto Alfred Straughn
2007 William R. Boardman; Albert Greenberg; Carroll Wayne Hawkins; Berryman "Buster" Longino; Ed and Imogene Yarborough
2006 Roy Gene Davis; Lillie "Belle" Jeffords; James Neville McArthur; Dudley Adelbert Putnam; Charles R. Smith
2005 Dr. James M. Davidson; Paul J. DiMare; William D. "Billy" Long; Jo Ann Doke Smith; Frank "Sonny" Williamson Jr.
2004 Thomas "Richard" Barber Jr.; Vick and Faye Blackstone; Donald Fariss May; Fred Y. Montsdeoca; Robert Nelson "Bob" Morris
2003 Arlen Neil Jumper; Oma Richard Minton Sr.; Dr. Martha Rhodes Roberts; Dr. Kenneth Ray Tefertiller
2002 Bernard A. Egan; Carl B. Loop Jr.; J.R. "Rip" Graves; George F. Sorn
2001 Al Bellotto; Copeland Griswold; Fountain H. May Sr.; Bert Edward Roper
2000 Tom B. Adams; Jack Monteith Berry; William A. "Bill" Graham; Henry F. Swanson
1999 Alto Lee Adams; Bert J. Harris Jr.; Kenneth F. Jorgansen; Copeland D. Newbern; John Powell Wallace
1998 Miles Edward Groover; Edna Pearce Lockett; Maxey D. Love Jr.; Elliott L. Maguire; Mabel M. Simmons
1997 William "Bill" H. Krome; J.R. "Jack" Spratt; Raymon F. Tucker; Robert Billingsley Whisenant; Stephen Monroe Yoder
1996 Neal Palmer "Pal" Brooks; Snead Young Mathews Davis; Henry Gatrell; Barnette E. Greene Jr.; Gov. Wayne Mixson
1995 Leroy Baldwin; Dr. Clarence L. Campbell Jr.; Latimer "Latt" Maxcy; William H. Stuart Sr.
1994 Elton L. Hinton; Dr. J. Wayne Reitz; Latimer H. Turner; George H. Wedgworth
1993 Karl Albritton; William Travis Loften; Dr. John Mortensen; Dr. Julia Morton; Dr. Marshall O. Watkins
1992 Edward J. Campbell; N. Curtis Peterson; Edgar H. Price; Vance V. Vogel
1991 Doyle E. Carlton Jr.; Dr. Tony J. Cunha; Julian B. Lane; Joseph M. O'Farrell Sr.
1990 Dr. Robert Henry Harms; Raymond P. Oglesby; Carl G. Rose; Dr. E.T. York Jr.
1989 Peter S. Harllee; Charles P. Lykes; Donald L. Wakeman
1988 Paul Beary Dickman; John Buckner Boy Sr.; Ruth Springer Wedgworth
1987 Ben Hill Griffin Jr.; Anthony T. Rossi; J.O. Pearce Jr.; James S. Wershow
1986 Louis G. MacDowell; Edwin L. Moore; Cedric D. Atkins; Lena Smithers Hughes; B. Edward David Jr.
1985 John Duda; Andrew Duda Jr.; Ferdinand Duda; Clinton Huxley Coulter Sr.; Doyle E. Conner
1984 Alan James Norden
1983 Dr. Raymond B. Becker; John M. Fox
1982 Willard M. Fifield; Robert G. Pitman Jr.; Dr. Herman J. Reitz; James N. Watson
1981 Irlo Overstreet Bronson; Gilbert Andrew Tucker; J. Francis Cooper; Louis E. Larson; Pliny Ward Reasoner; Don A. Storms Sr.
1980 Edwin Hall Finlayson; Thomas Gilbert Lee; Nathan Mayo; Henry Oscar Partin; Hoyle Pounds; Egbert Norman Reasoner

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