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Agricultural Dealer's Licenses

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This database lists licensed dealers in Florida. Every effort has been made to present the appropriate information as accurately as possible. The status of a license can change at any time. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services makes no warranty concerning the use of the online list and recommends that contact be made with the Tallahassee office for current information. The date shown in the extreme right-hand column of the listing is the inception date of the license and bond of the dealer and continues in effect for one year thereafter, unless canceled.

Select a commodity category or “All” then enter as much of the Dealer DBA Name that you know. Leave “City” blank to search the entire state.  You have the option to do a "Starts With" or "Contains" search on Dealer DBA Name. “Contains” will find the letters you enter anywhere in the name but is slower.

Some dealers may not appear in all of the commodity categories that apply to them. For example, if you are searching for a sod dealer and do not find it listed under the "Sod" category, try the "Nursery Products, Flowers" category.

Searches will return the following five columns of data: Dealer Name, City, State, Bond/CD and Date. The Bond/CD amount is the penal sum of the security provided by the dealer to support the license. The Date is the inception date of the dealer's license; the license continues in effect for one year from that date, unless canceled by the Department.

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