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Classifying Property as Agricultural For Property Tax Purposes

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By having their property classified as agricultural for property tax purposes, farmers receive reductions in their property tax bills. Farmers receive blank agricultural classification renewal cards in the mail in early to mid-January from their property appraiser.

Under a 2002 law, farmers who don’t fill out and send in their green agricultural-classification cards could be throwing away their tax benefit. Under the new law, farmers must actively certify to property appraisers that they are entitled to the agricultural classification. If they fail to fill out and send in the DR-499C application or an application provided to them by their local property appraiser, the applicant may lose the tax benefit they receive from their agricultural classification.

To receive a DR-499C agricultural classification application form, contact your property appraiser. Information on how to contact your property appraiser is available in the Government Listings (the Blue Pages) of your local telephone directory or by visiting the Florida Department of Revenue website.

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