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Certificate of Origin and Free Sale

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A Certificate of Origin and Free Sale (COFS) simply communicates that the product is freely sold in Florida and is of Florida/U.S. origin. This document is requested by foreign governments -- not by the USDA or the State of Florida.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) issues COFS to Florida agricultural and/or agribusiness exporters who can provide proof that they are a Florida incorporated company or LLC. Florida food companies must also provide a copy of an FDACS Division of Food Safety inspection.

Once this proof is provided, the exporter must supply the following information for both the foreign buyer and the Florida company:
-- Company name
-- Street address (Post Office box is not acceptable)
-- City and country
-- Name of contact person in that company

The following information should also be provided about the Florida company: a four- to five-sentence description of the company, including what it sells, what type of business it is (distributor, manufacturer, exporter, or a combination thereof), how long in it has been in business, and any other relevant information.

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