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How to Sell Florida Seafood to Military Commissaries


The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) plays an important role in the quality of life of the Armed Service members and their families. DeCA’s mission is to provide America’s military personnel with the “Commissary Benefit.” To accomplish the mission, DeCA must preserve and deliver a premier benefit to Armed Service members and their families that improves their quality of life by: 1) enabling troops to focus on the mission while deployed, 2) improving retention by providing a “sense of community” for military personnel and their families, 3) providing a safe, secure shopping environment, both in overseas and stateside locations, and 4) providing American products worldwide while ensuring food safety. There are approximately 255 commissaries with close to one-third of the stores located overseas.

There is opportunity for Florida companies to partner with DeCA to sell their products. DeCA contracts with vendors, suppliers and services providers who consistently provide quality products and services on time. For information, visit the Defense Commissary Agency website.

For Vendors: What To Do First

1. Review the Business Guide (PDF) to gather basic information about DeCA as well as the brand name resale products they buy.

2. Review the steps on how to do Business with DeCA (PDF).

3. Review the listing of Commissary Locations (PDF) that are listed as well as the Commodities Listing (PDF) to give you an idea of the categories of items DeCA buys.

4. To make an appointment for item presentation, contact:

Office of Small Business Programs
Telephone: (804) 734-8000, ext. 48015

Frozen seafood product:
Frozen Buyer
Telephone: (804) 734-8000 ext. 86218

Fresh seafood product:
Chief, Resale Services Support Branch
Telephone: (804) 734-8000 ext. 48900

5. Complete the Item Presentation Form.

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