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Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign (FAPC), “Fresh From Florida”

How to Join the FAPC: Seafood and Aquaculture

You can actively support and participate in this joint state- and industry-funded promotional program. Just complete a registration form and send in your annual membership fee (see below to see if applicable) to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Through your investment in the FAPC, you will benefit from the advertising and promotion of Florida seafood and aquaculture.

FAPC Seafood and Aquaculture Membership Fees
Type of Business FAPC Membership Fee
Wholesaler with Wholesaler Saltwater Products Dealer License Prepaid
Dealer with Saltwater Products Dealers License Prepaid
Restaurant $0
Food Service $0
Retailer $0
Seafood/Aquaculture Supporter $50
Processor (Aquaculture) $50
Producer (Aquaculture) $50
Industry Association $50

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