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Bees and Equipment

State law requires that all beekeepers be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. To register, contact the Bureau of Apiary Inspection, Division of Plant Industry, PO Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614, telephone (352) 372-3505. Beekeepers offering bees for sale must submit their registration number with their ad. However, beekeeping equipment that does not contain bees can be advertised without a registration number.

Listings for August 2013

For Sale

Strong 5-frame nucs $100 each:, (727) 207-6303, S Dennis, 9633 Sunbeam Dr, New Port Richey 34654 (Pasco) #FL0520601D

5-frame nucs available fall 2013 & spring 2014 $85-$100 depending on quantity, call or email for more information:, (239) 214-1467, E Agocs, 2557 SW 28th Pl, Cape Coral 33914 (Lee) #FL0360601A

5-frame nucs w/ cardboard nuc for easy transport, drawn frames, brood, queen & lots of bees $100; entire hive w/ brood box, honey super, queen, bees & 5 drawn frames w/ brood, other frames will be new $350, Ocala/Dunnellon area, delivery possible:, (352) 237-7092, (352) 299-5642, V Joiner, 26 Count Fleet Dr, Ocala 34482 (Marion) #FL0420605J

Small cell 5-frame nucs & 10-frame hives, wired, waxed, wood frames, healthy bees, treatment free, proven queens, natural floral diet,, (954) 647-6039, R Hoover, 3000 SW 154 Ave, Davie 33331 (Broward) #FL0060603H

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