Martin County District Schools

Contact Information

Vonda Moonier, Director
1050 S.E. 10th Street
Stuart, Florida 34996
Martin County

(772) 223-2655
(772) 219-1268 Fax

School Information

Number of schools: 20 (12 elementary, 5 middle, 3 high)
Total student population: 18,000
Average meals served daily: 10,310
Food distribution system: U.S. Foodservice (Power Buying Group), weekly delivery; Erneston Produce, every other day delivery; and Frozen Treats (milk and juice), every other day delivery.

Interested In

Carrots (Small Quantities), Corn on the Cob, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Green Peppers (Small Quantities), Melons, Oranges/Tangerines and other Citrus, Romaine and other Greens (No Iceberg), Tomatoes