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Florida “Seafood to Schools” Program

Background Information

Nutritional needs can vary with each stage in life. Fulfilling those needs can contribute greatly to achieving an optimal quality of life. It is important that young bodies have proper nutrition for growth and development. Including seafood in a young person’s diet early sets the stage for good eating habits and a healthy future. Seafood is a good source of high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Compared to other meats, seafood is low in calories and cholesterol. Good eating habits, with a diet which includes Florida seafood, can begin in the school.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services surveyed the state’s 67 school districts to determine demand for Florida seafood products in elementary, middle and high schools. Feedback suggests there are opportunities for Florida seafood suppliers to provide products for Florida schools.

Do you currently serve fresh or
frozen seafood in your cafeteria?
Answer Percent
Yes 60
No 40

For the schools who do serve seafood:

What type of seafood do you serve?
Type Percent
Tuna 65
Shirmp 55
Catfish 40
Tilapia 10
Flounder 10
Processed Fish 42

Are any of the selected types of seafood noted above not commercially purchased but are donated USDA foods?
Answer Percent
Yes 39
No 61

USDA-Donated Foods
Type Percent
Catfish 73
Tuna 45

What type of seafood do
you serve the most?
Type Percent
Processed Fish 46
Shrimp 27
Pllock 15
Tuna 8
Cod 4

What is the portion size?
Portion Size Percent
Two Ounces 21
Three Ounces 41
Four Ounces 28

What is the price per portion?
Portion Price Price
Range $0.36 - $0.54
Average $0.43

How is this seafood
processed or packaged?
Type Percent
Frozen 90
Pre-Cooked 31
Canned 3
Fresh 0

How do you currently
prepare this seafood?
Method Percent
Baked 90
Fried 10
In Salad (Tuna) 10
Broiled 3

For schools that currently do not serve seafood:

Are you interested in serving seafood?
Answer Percent
Yes 35
No 43
Maybe 22

What are the reasons you
do not serve seafood?
Answer Percent
Cost 77
Students won't eat it 35
Preparation Issues 29
Storage Issues 18

For schools that do not serve seafood but are interested in serving seafood items:

What types of seafood are
you interested in serving?
Answer Percent
Shrimp 86
Fish 86
Clams 14

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