Commissioner Adam H. Putnam

Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)


(For state-contracted recipient agencies only, not for sub-distributors)

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  Table of Contents
251.1 Introduction
251.2 Administration
251.2-1 Transfer USDA Donated Foods
251.2-2 Losses Due to Spoilage or damages of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
251.2-3 Complaints Alleging Sale of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
251.2-4 Availability of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
251.2-5 Discontinued
251.2-6 Out of Condition TEFAP USDA Donated Foods and Food Alerts, Holds and Recalls
251.2-8 Use of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
251.3 Definitions
251.5 Eligibility Determinations
251.6 Ordering TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
251.6-1 Distribution of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods: Responsibilities
251.6-2 Distribution and Delivery of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods by State Contracted RA
251.8-1 Reimbursement of Expenses for TEFAP
251.10 Reviews and Audits TEFAP State-Contracted Recipient Agencies
251.10-1 Maintenance of Records - TEFAP
251.10-2 Use of TEFAP in Unrelated Activities
250.14-1 Shipping and Receiving of TEFAP USDA Donated Foods
250.14-2 Storing and Protecting TEFAP USDA Donated Food/Food Safety and Food Defense
A Sample Contract for TEFAP Sub-distributors
B TEFAP USDA Donated Foods Transfer Authorization
C TEFAP USDA Foods Loss Report
D Request for Reimbursement - TEFAP
E Food Allergen Labeling Laws
F TEFAP Eligibility Certification
G Sample News Release
H Sample TEFAP USDA Food Distribution Log
I Justice for All Poster
J Sample USDA Donated Food Complaint Report
K Checklist-Recipient Agency-Sub-Distributor Review, Monitoring
L Best If Used By Dates
M Food Storage Temperature Chart
N Discontinued
O Discontinued
P USDA Status Codes and Descriptions
Q Requisition Status Report (WBSCM)
R Contractual Services Agreement (Warehouse) - Sample
S Procedures for Handling Canned USDA Food Frozen in Transit
T Transportation Companies Used by USDA
U Civil Rights Complaint Form - Sample
V Report of Adjustment to Inventory
W TEFAP Budget Form
X Food Defense Plan Guide
Y Holds and Recalls Sample Worksheet
Z Civil Rights Questionnaire - Sample

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