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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner

Beekeeping in the Pines

Robert Butler painting of Beekeeping in the Pines

Beekeeping in the Pines

At the mere verbalization of the word honey, our thoughts are slanted toward sweet memories. Honey -- and its purveyor, the bee -- has found a major place in our palate and culture. We praise it with song, cultivate it for sweet exploitation and study its maker, the bee, to understand the miracle of flight. All this buzzing about the bee's business has led to the business of bee husbandry.

Though bee farming has been with us for ages, honey's spell upon man and beast drives them both to risk pain and peril just to sample what some have called the golden nectar of the gods. In an age of technology, the bee can still teach man science, enhance his art and inspire his culinary soul.

© Robert Butler 1999

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