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This is one of a
series of paintings
by Robert Butler
that depict
turn-of-the-century scenes from twelve
of Florida's major
agricultural industries.
Timber Shadows
Nearly half of Floridas total acreage is covered by forests. Floridas forests provide habitat for wildlife and a renewable bounty of more than 5,000 wood products lumber, paper products, furniture to name just a few. The estimated annual value of the states timber harvest is $430 million, with a mill value of $3.3 billion and a manufactured products value of $8.6 billion. The Florida forest industry generates an annual payroll of $1.2 billion. For every tree that is harvested, five are planted, assuring a renewable supply of forest products for future generations.

All narratives accompanying the paintings were written by Robert Butler.
All rights reserved by the artist.

bullet.gif (943 bytes) Cracker Cowman
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Golden Grove
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Equine Splendor
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Farmers' Harvest
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Fern Garden
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Timber Shadows
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Shipping Cotton
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Ocean Farming
bullet.gif (943 bytes)
Strawberry Patch
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Sugar Harvest
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Tomato Garden
bullet.gif (943 bytes) Beekeeping in the Pines
rule.gif (2885 bytes)
Timber Shadows

As shown in this painting, the organized nature of this forest reveals the touch of man. Man and forest have a long history. The ancient forests have been his source of food, nurtured his imagination and evoked the demons of his inner fears. Man has also learned to harness the resources of the forest so as to benefit from its many gifts.

Seldom does the modern world realize its complete dependency on products from the forest.

Those who cultivate and exploit its resources are efficiently translating them into the artful conveniences of every-day life.

As our knowledge of the forest expands, more benefits will flow to mankind. Men will build cities, and perhaps the forest will become the place of sylvan secrets. But that is for another time.

For now, we can still submit ourselves to the cool shadows of the evening, and while there, ponder the mystery of secret places in the forest of our mind.

In the new millennium, men may look to the stars, but the forest will remain his beneficiary here on Mother Earth.

Robert Butler 1999