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Robert Butler
"For many years, Ive lived close to nature and witnessed the beauty my privileged eye has been allowed to see. As an artist, it is important to me to share my experiences, and whenever I work, it is the larger view that I strive to maintain. I invite you to look at your experience in the same way. The textured tapestry we call reality is constantly changing. An artist is one of the few who will be privileged to add his or her special splash of color."

Sharecropper plowing a field.
Historical painting by
Robert Butler

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Meet the Artist

Robert Butler, born the son of a sharecropper, began his career painting the scenes and wildlife around the small farm and ranching community of Okeechobee, Florida, where he grew up. Raised by his mother, Annie Talifer Butler, who always took time to instill the principles of faith and compassion in her family, Butler looks upon his beginnings as "classically American."

The father of nine children, this self-taught artist is proud to have raised his family doing what he loves best painting. In the early days, that required selling his paintings door-to-door or roadside, but with his wife, Dorothy, supporting his efforts, Butler soon rose in notoriety. He is now one of the best-known naturalist painters in the country. Recent trips around the world have added exciting new perspectives to Butlers creations as he continues his work as a historian with a brush.