History and Facts:
The Longan fruit is a southeast Asian native and grows in clusters, picked from trees. The fruit is small and round, with colors in shades of brown. Its skin is thin and brittle and has a "pebble" like texture. Flesh of the longan is translucent, white and crispy and tastes similar to a white grape. Longans are eaten fresh out of the hand (discarding the peel and seed), canned in soup, baked in pies as filling, or dried and eaten like raisins.

Nutritional Value:
Longans have about 61 calories per 1/2 cup and are rich in calcium and phosphorus.

At room temperature, longans remain in good condition for several days. Because of the firmer rind, the fruit is less perishable than the lychee. The longans last much longer if they are dried or in syrup.

July through August

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