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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner
Image of A Florida Horse TrailImage of a Florida Horse Trail

Florida Horse Trails

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services invites you to visit the remarkable horse trails throughout the state of Florida. Riding through the outdoor trails is an exciting way to experience some of the finest and most naturally diversified areas of Florida. From the rolling upland pine forests of the panhandle to the mangroves and river swamps of the south, Florida offers a complex and varying degree of natural communities, resources, vegetation and wildlife.

The booming worldwide trend in nature-based tourism attracts a growing number of visitors every year to Florida. Florida's true wealth is based on its abundance of wildlife, diverse natural resources and unique cultural heritage. Many of our forests and parks are virtually undiscovered and as a result visitors encounter landscapes of great beauty and variety. There is no better way to view these sights then to be riding horseback along the lush trails.

The primary mission and commitment in managing these lands is to protect and preserve the biological diversity of the many ecosystems found in and around our state, while integrating public use of the resources. Today, there are more than 30 Florida State Forests and over 150 Florida State Parks that combined comprise approximately 1,100,000 acres of land for public use. There are 18 Florida State Forests featuring horse trails and a total of 26 State Parks offering horse trails.

Most recreational opportunities in Florida are passive in nature. Utilizing old roadbeds and fire lanes as trails, people can physically brush up against Florida's natural and untamed resources. Visitors can experience first-hand the same outdoor elements that early settlers and inhabitants once experienced. In addition to providing outdoor recreation, state trails serve as outdoor classrooms for people of all ages to explore and learn. Contact site for regulations, stay on designated equestrian trails, and leave only hoofprints. Your good horsemanship is the key to expanding trail riding opportunities throughout Florida. Please note that proof of a negative Coggins test is required of all horses.

Courtesy to others, safe riding habits and sportsmanlike conduct are essential on all trails. Keep in mind that your actions may cause other horses to spook, unseat the rider and cause serious injury. Above all, be considerate of your fellow horsemen.

Locate Horse Trails in Florida by County

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