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Florida Ferns for Floral Arrangements

Green Ivy

Green Ivy

Botanical Name

Hedera helix (Araliaceae Family)


18-24 inch long woody stem with self branching variably-shaped leaves. Leaves are green and are somewhat cupped.

Seasonal Availabilty


Vase Life

10-14 days

Purchasing Hints

Leaves should be free of brown edges. Foliage should be glossy and hydrated.

Care and Handling

Remove bundle ties and slant-cut 1 inch from stems base. Immerse entire plant in cool water and remove. Place stems in 2-3 inches of water. Store in a cooler at 36 degrees F.

Design Tips

Cover floral foam figures to create fresh topiaries. Beautiful in wedding garlands and swags. Decorate cakes or garnish food trays. For best results, slant cut ends sharply for easy insertion into floral foam.

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