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Flounder, also known as flukes, are in the flatfish family and are rather unique in appearance with both eyes on one side of their body. They are a firm, lean, white flaky food fish that can be used in many culinary masterpieces.

There are three main species of flounder commercially harvested in Florida. They are gulf, P.albigutta, southern, P.lethostigma, and summer, P.dentatis. Although the common name Gulf flounder seems regional, this species is actually available along all Florida coasts.

Summer flounder are primarily found in the northeastern coastal waters of the state. Southern flounder are found in the north off both the Atlantic and Gulf coastlines, generally north of the Loxahatchee and Caloosahatchee rivers.

Interestingly, flounder are not born with both eyes on one side. Gradually, as they mature, the “bottom” eye migrates to the upward-facing side of its body. This allows the flounder to lie on one side on the ocean floor where it can blend into its environment and surprise its prey of small fish and crustaceans.

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