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“Fresh2U” Nutrition Program for Kids and Parents


The age-old question of how to encourage children to eat right still challenges parents today. Busy schedules make it difficult for parents to plan nutritious meals or even eat together as a family. Glitzy advertisements aimed at children often promote foods that aren't very nutritious or contain "empty calories."

Even though we live in a land of plenty, many of our children don't have healthy diets. A growing number of today's children suffer from obesity and other diet-related health problems. These problems likely will worsen as they become adults. That's why it is so important to instill good eating habits in children today so they can live full, active, and healthy lives in the future. Toward this end, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services created the “Fresh2U” program to promote positive eating habits among Florida's children. “Fresh2U” encourages young people to eat at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

As a parent, you are the single most important source of information for your child. They listen and learn from you. “Fresh2U” promotes interaction between parents and children to help develop healthy eating habits. It's simple, educational, and fun! “Fresh2U” encourages your child to try at least 20 different Florida fruits and vegetables at home over the course of the school year. Trying new foods in a fun, family setting is a great way for children to discover that they're good!

“Fresh2U” challenges your child to explore and try new things. It features an old-fashioned Report Card to track your child's progress, and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment. Most importantly, it is something that you and your child can do together.  Please read this material with your child and participate in “Fresh2U.” With a little guidance from you, your child can have fun while developing healthy eating habits. Remember, what your child learns now can last a lifetime!

Fresh2U Learning Resources

This grid contains learning resources that can be used in the classroom or at home. Two Florida produce items are featured for each month of the year. A mini-poster is available for each month. Information is provided about each produce item, including a map showing where the crop is grown, a photo, and a coloring page.

Learning Resources
Food Item
(More Info)
January Orange Camera Crayon
  Squash Camera Crayon
February Cabbage Camera Crayon
  Grapefruit Camera Crayon
March Carrot Camera Crayon
  Strawberry Camera Crayon
April Bell Pepper Camera Crayon
  Celery Camera Crayon
May Blueberry Camera Crayon
  Sweet corn Camera Crayon
June Cantaloupe Camera Crayon
  Watermelon Camera Crayon
September Carambola Camera Crayon
  Mango Camera Crayon
October Avocado Camera Crayon
  Greens Camera Crayon
November Cucumber Camera Crayon
  Snap Bean Camera Crayon
December Tangerine Camera Crayon
  Tomato Camera Crayon

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