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Florida Agriculture: 500 Years in the Making

“Fresh2U” Nutrition Program for Kids and Parents


The first mention of carrots in the New World was at Margarita Island, off the west coast of Venezuela, in 1565. Carrots were grown by the colonists at Jamestown, Virginia in 1609, and in Massachusetts in 1629.

In Florida, carrots are an ideal source of vitamin A, with a single carrot providing twice the recommended daily allowance. Carrots are also low in calories and sodium and are a source of potassium.

Select carrots that are firm, fresh, smooth, well shaped, and well colored. Avoid wilted, soft, mushy, or split carrots and check root tips for signs of decay. Use a vegetable peeler and slightly scrape the outside. Trim both ends and cut to the size needed. Slice into carrot sticks, strips, or “coins.” Cover pre-cut or prepared carrots to keep them from drying out. Keep carrots moist, covered, and ventilated.

Florida carrots are available from November through June.

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