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Tangerines are types of mandarin oranges. Native to southeastern Asia, they have now been cultivated in orange-growing regions around the world, including Florida.

The tangerine is usually smaller than an orange, with a stronger, more pungent aroma. They often have sections that separate readily, and are easy to peel. A good quality mandarin will be heavy for its size and deep orange depending on the variety. A puffy appearance and feel is normal.

Florida tangerines are available from September through May.

Mandarins are best eaten raw. If you must cook mandarins, heat them gently. Do not boil them or they will lose their flavor. Refrigerated and kept well ventilated, their typical shelf life is 14 to 28 days. Handle tangerines especially carefully, as they are delicate and subject to damage.

Tangerines and tangelos are good sources of vitamins A and C and potassium.

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