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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Adam H. Putnam, Commissioner

Variegated Pittosporum

Variegated Pittosporum

Botanical Name

Pittosporum tobira "Varigata" (Pittosporum Family)


12-18 inch long, woody stemmed shrub branching into several 4 inch long, densely compacted foliage. Leaves are milky or grayish-green with raggedly margined creamy-white edges. Also very shiny texture.

Seasonal Availabilty


Vase Life

10-14 days

Purchasing Hints

Foliage should be clean and waxy in appearance.

Care and Handling

Remove bundle ties and slant cut one inch from stems base. Place stems in 2-3 inches of tepid water. Condition at room temperature for an hour and then place in a 36 degree F cooler.

Design Tips

Use "rosettes" as focal point in designs. The variegation in color adds a beautiful contrast in garlands and table garnishing. Cover floral foam figures for a fresh topiary. Double-cut the stems base into a "V" shape for easy insertion into floral foam. Pittosporum is always a favorite for weddings.

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