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Aquarium fish are the most popular pet in the United States, where nearly one in eight households has fish as pets -- that's 12 million households owning more than 158 million fish.

Florida is the No. 1 producer of aquarium fish and aquatic plants in the United States. Aquarium fish account for more than 44 percent of Florida's total aquaculture sales, representing over $33 million.

Aquatic plants rank second, accounting for more than one-fifth of total sales with $17.5 million.

Each year, total shipments of aquarium fish comprise the highest-value airfreight item departing from Tampa International Airport.

Below is information to help you get started with the enjoyable hobby of aquarium fish.

Aquarium Components
Tanks, Stand, Cover
Air Pump
Net and Other Equipment
Water Quality
Sources of Water
Total Alkalinity and Hardness
Dissolved Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide
The Nitrogen Cycle
Care and Maintenance
Nutrition and Feeding
Care and Maintenance Schedule
Aquatic Plants

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