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Aquarium Fish

Care and Maintenance: Care and Maintenance Schedule

Daily Care: Fish should be fed and observed every day. If fish do not feed normally or if they show signs of ill health, check water quality immediately.

Provide approximately 12 hours of light for the tank, especially if planted. A timer makes this task simple and ensures that lighting is not forgotten.

Check the water temperature to make sure it is within the optimal range for the tank inhabitants. Remove any dead plant material.

Weekly Care: If any evaporation has occurred, add replacement water making sure to treat (dechlorinate, aerate, etc.) appropriately first.

Check all filters and clean as needed following manufacturer's instructions.

Test and record water quality.

Monthly Care: Use a siphon (or gravel vacuum) to remove any solids or excessive bacteria loads from the substrate. Remove approximately 25 percent of the water during this process and replace it with appropriately treated replacement water.

Clean tank glass with algae scraper if necessary.

Trim excessive plant growth, if necessary.

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