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Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Components: Net and Other Equipment

A soft-meshed net appropriate for the fish and tank size is necessary for adding or removing fish. A separate net should be maintained for each aquarium. Use of a commercial net-dip (sanitizer) and air-drying will help prevent transferring any potential pathogens (disease-causing organisms).

A siphon (or gravel washer) is useful for cleaning debris from the tank, especially from within the substrate and for removing water during partial water changes.

An algae scraper will remove algae growing on the aquarium walls. Be sure to use only a scraper designed for an aquarium, and take particular care in selection if the aquarium is acrylic to minimize scratching. Algae is removed from the tank walls primarily for aesthetic reasons. Leaving some algae on the tank (for instance, on the back glass where it may not be as distracting) can assist in nitrogenous waste (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) removal.

Assorted decorations can be added to the tank. Any decorations should be made specifically for aquarium use.

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