"Why Buy Florida Blueberries?"

Florida’s Blueberries are the first to ripen in North America, with a harvesting time beginning in late March or early April.

-Florida Blueberries are hand-picked fresh and shipped within 24 hours.
-Florida Blueberries are fresh, not placed in a controlled atmosphere, gassed or kept in storage.
-Florida Blueberries are typically large, flavorfully sweet, and firm.
-Blueberries lead the list of antioxidant foods. Antioxidants have been attributed with playing a major role in improving health.

When are Florida blueberries in season?
Florida blueberries are available from your favorite grocer or market from March through June.

What should you look for when buying blueberries?
Look for the Fresh from Florida label -- this ensures that the blueberries are large, fresh and full of flavor! Florida Blueberries are large and flavorful with good bloom and irresistible eye-appeal.

How should you store Florida Blueberries after you have purchased them?
-Keep moisture to a minimum.
-Handle your blueberries with care, touching them as little as possible.
-Refrigerate as soon as possible.

Did You Know?
-Blueberries are the third most popular fruit in the United States.
-Blueberries contain more Vitamin A than any other berry.
-Florida Blueberries are a good source of fiber, iron, potassium and Vitamin C.
-Florida Blueberries have been noted for their high antioxidant activity.