Florida Agricultural Export Directory
What does the Florida Agricultural Export Directory offer?
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bullet.gif (1008 bytes) Easier access to commodity specific information.
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Fresh from Florida

Dear International Marketer:

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the many agricultural exporters in the State of Florida. We are entering a new era of globalization and extend an invitation to you to join us in engaging in international commerce in this age of cooperation and trade. Each firm in the export directory has been individually contacted to ensure that they are involved in or are prepared for international trade.
Commissioner Charles H. Bronson

I encourage you to personally contact these firms to determine their ability to meet you individual needs in the marketplace. We also encourage you to contact the Division of Marketing and Development for additional assistance in locating sources for specific commodities.

Florida's agricultural economy is a vibrant one, providing a wide variety of agricultural products of the highest quality year round. Our many international airports and seaports offer the finest services in moving these commodities to foreign countries such as the growing markets of Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Florida has one of the most advanced distribution networks that can provide you with fast and efficient transport of goods.

The Florida Agricultural Export Directory provides advanced searches of Florida export companies through various formats. The export directory is maintained in a computer database that facilitates continuous updating.

The Department will assist you in your international needs. We look forward to working with you to achieve the mutual benefits of increased world trade.


Commissioner of Agriculture

bullet.gif (1008 bytes) Florida Millennium Agricultural Export Directory: Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Livestock
    Cattle, Goats, Horses, Poultry, Other Livestock
Chapter 2: Meat and Other Meat Products
    Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Other Meat and Meat Products
Chapter 3: Seafood
Chapter 4: Aquaculture and Aquaculture Products
Chapter 5: Tropical Fish
Chapter 6: Edible Animal By-Products
    Dairy Products, Honey and Honey Products, Other Edible Animal By-Products
Chapter 7: Non-Edible Animal By-Products
    Embryo and Semen Genetics, Hides and Skins
Chapter 8: Fruits, Fruit Juices, Fruit Products and Fruit By-Products
    Fruits; Fruit Juices and Concentrates; Fruit Products and Fruit By-Products;
    Tropical Fruit, Tropical Fruit Juices, Tropical Fruit Products and Tropical By-Products
Chapter 9: Vegetables, Vegetable Juices, Vegetable Products and Vegetable By-Products
    Vegetables, Vegetable Juices, Vegetable Products and Vegetable By-Products
Chapter 10: Organically Grown Agricultural Products
Chapter 11: Edible Value-Added Products
    Bakery Goods; Condiments, Sauces and Spices; Ethnic Foods; Grocery Products; Snacks; Spirits;
    Other Edible Value-Added Products
Chapter 12: Edible Seeds, Nuts and Specialty Crops
Chapter 13: Horticultural Products
    Ferns, Foliage and Plants, Planting Seeds, Trees, Turf Products and Turf Equipment,
    Other Horticultural Products
Chapter 14: Forestry Products
    Lumber and Lumber Products, Paper Products, Wood and Wood Products, Other Forestry Products
Chapter 15: Agricultural Chemicals
    Fertilizers, Insecticides, Water Treatment, Other Agricultural Chemicals
Chapter 16: Agricultural and Commercial Equipment, Containers and Machinery
    Agriculture Equipment and Machinery; Containers; Irrigation, Water and Spraying Equipment;
    Processing Equipment and Restaurant Equipment; Trucks, Trailers and Other Vehicles;
    Other Commercial Equipment and Machinery Products
Chapter 17: Animal Feeds and Animal Products
    Cat, Dog, Other Pet Foods and Pet Products; Fish Feed; Hay and Straw; Livestock Feed;
    Other Animal Feed and Animal Products
Chapter 18: Animal Pharmeceutical Services and Products
Chapter 19: Food Processing Additives and Food Micro-Biology
Chapter 20: Western Apparel, Equestrian Supplies, Literature and Equestrian Products
Chapter 21: Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents
Chapter 22: Ports and Airports
Chapter 23: Associations
Chapter 24: Florida State Farmers' Markets
Chapter 25: Financial Institutions and Investment Services
Chapter 26: Agricultural Services
Chapter 27: Chambers of Commerce, Trade Centers, and Other Trade Organizations