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2003 Florida Ag in the Classroom, Inc. Volunteer Grants

Local and district agricultural education programs are vital to the success of Florida Ag in the Classroom, Inc. (FAITC).  The Florida Ag in the Classroom network of contacts is becoming increasingly active.  We are pleased to announce that FAITC will award matching funds to county volunteers and organizations through a competitive grants program for the year 2003.


Time line for Grant Proposals:

Proposals due to the FAITC office... April 18, 2003
Announcement of Awards...May 2003 via mail
Awards ceremony...FAITC Volunteer Conference in June
Progress report to FAITC office...January 9, 2004
All funds expended... May 28, 2004
All funds encumbered and report forms due... June 18, 2004

Projects should meet the following criteria:

Specific, direct contact with Florida students in Pre-K through 12th grades
Student-involvement based project
Expound upon an existing program or create a new program (Not to replace existing      
All grant money must be matched dollar for dollar either by monetary or in-kind
  contributions (excluding personnel).  Grant money cannot be used to pay for personnel.
Teamwork and networking with other organizations is encouraged, but not required. 


Agricultural organizations, individuals and businesses interested in educating Florida     
  students about Florida agriculture.
Applying organizations, individuals or businesses must be Florida domiciled.

Judging Criteria:




Student impact


Degree of innovation or increased programming capacity.  Deliverables which:

-Serve new or continuing audiences with more efficiency/effectiveness.

-Address new and priority issues of concern for Florida agriculture


Ability to increase agricultural awareness


Statement of need for this project


Budget and budget justification


Logistics and time line

Management and Reporting:
Performance-based funding--

Half of the funding up front and half when project is complete and all paperwork is submitted
  to FAITC.
Brief (less than one page) summary of project progress is due on January 9, 2004.
FAITC must receive copies of all related materials in a printable format.
FAITC must be informed of all project-related events so that Board members in the area
  have an opportunity to attend.
Must submit receipts and documentation of expenses
Must submit report form and photos of project before June 20, 2003

Format for Proposals:

1. Must be typed on 8 x11" white paper. (Proposals can be typed directly onto the
provided application form or that form can be duplicated in a word processing program.)
2. The proposal will be limited to the one page application form, which will provide a thorough explanation of the project implementation and evaluation plans.
3. An attachment detailing requested budget and matching funds (including in-kind donations, etc.) is required.
4. An attachment detailing the time line is required.
5. A title page giving a contact name, address, phone number and proposal title is required.

Submitting Proposals:

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Florida Ag in the Classroom, Inc. office is
April 18, 2003. (Proposals must be postmarked on or before April 18, 2003.)

Completed proposals should be mailed to:

Florida Ag in the Classroom, Inc.
Sarah Joe Cannon
2091 McCarty Hall
PO Box 110540
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352)846-1391

Questions about the grants process:

Contact: Sarah Joe Cannon
Phone: (352)846-1391

Web site:

If you would like to receive copies of grants previously funded, please send a written request to the FAITC office.

Request for Funding Application Form

The application form is available in PDF format. Follow the instructions below to view and print the application.

1. Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
(If you already have a reader, go on to step 2.)

2. Click here to view and print the application.


Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner