Gardening for Food Around the World program at Epcot





Epcot ® International Flower & Garden Festival

Don't Miss Gardening for Food Around the World (between France and Morocco in World Showcase)

Explore three interactive displays that celebrate the people of the world, the plants they grow for food, and the role of science in
agriculture. Be part of a global village! Search the gardens for pizza ingredients, then plant seeds that sprout in your pocket! (Daily)

Epcot Future Harvestā Ambassadors-Meet scientists from Africa, Asia, and Latin America on a mission to feed the world! Discover the crops they grow for food and try your hand at tools they use to help put food on the global table. (Daily)

Africa-Churn butter, pump water, and find out how trees, bees, cows and earthworms are all helping feed Africa.

Asia-Pump water to irrigate rice, watch fish growing in a rice paddy, and discover how crops are surviving in extreme conditions!

Latin America-Chip potatoes into fries, sort seeds, and find out why kids love "popping beans" and orange sweet potatoes!

Contact Disney Youth Programs at 1-800-833-9806 for ticket price information and an order form for discounted Epcot tickets for Florida student groups. Please allow up to six weeks for this process.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner