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Project Food, Land and People
Food, Land and People

Project Food, Land and People envisions a future in which all people recognize the interdependence of agriculture, the environment, and human needs; and work cooperatively to promote informed consumer choices and sustainable agricultural practices.

The mission is to provide educational resources and promote approaches to learning that help educators and students in grades PreK-12 to better understand the interrelationships among agriculture, the environment, and people of the world.

Guiding Principles
  • Promote agricultural awareness, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, cooperative attitudes, and appreciation for cultural differences.
  • Uphold the highest standards in educational materials and educator-training opportunities.
  • Materials are developed by educators for educators. They are designed for a variety of instructional settings and rigorously evaluated for use with students.
  • Curriculum is objective and technically accurate. Educational materials produced are independent of the particular interests or viewpoints of financial contributors and other supporters.
  • FLP expands upon and complements existing agricultural and environmental education programs such as Agriculture in the Classroom, 4-H, FFA, Project WILD, Project Learning Tree, and Project WET.

Lessons for Grades PreK-12
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  • Tomatoes to Ketchup, Chickens to Omelettes
  • Lunchtime Favorites
  • Step by Step

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner