Grant Opportunity

2003 Florida Ag in the Classroom Funded Volunteer Grants
Florida Ag in the Classroom, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following volunteer programs will be funded through a competitive grants program in 2003-2004.  We believe it is important to support the efforts of motivated volunteers dedicated to teaching the value of agriculture to Florida’s youth.

Gardening at Cherry Street

Gail Allen, Parent volunteer, Merriam Cherry Street Elementary School
This project will help students discover the enjoyment and benefits of gardening and explore the relationship between plants, wildlife, people and the environment.  Students will grow their own gardens, learn horticultural skills and study butterflies in their gardens.

Super Sprouts and School Tour Programming
Diane Ingram, Manatee County Agricultural Museum, Inc.
This Pre-K program will introduce children to the concept of where food comes from.  Children in the program will be introduced to agricultural commodities, the impact agriculture has on their lives and the agricultural heritage in Manatee County. 

A Harvest of Knowledge

Elaine Dixon, Santa Rosa County Fair Association
This project will provide 3rd graders in public, private and home schools an opportunity to learn about the agriculture commodities in Santa Rosa County.  Students will participate in guided tours with stops at learning stations, where they will complete a hands-on activity.  Take-home materials will be provided to reinforce what the students have learned.

Rural Folk life Days

Hilward Morgan (Volunteer, Florida Park Service)
This project will provide students with a firsthand look at Florida farming practices to teach them the true value of a food dollar.  The project is a three-day event set in outdoor classrooms to provide the experience of rural farming life.  It includes the crafts of farming, quilting, cane grinding, soap making and other customs.

Traveling Strawberry Station

Erin Freel Best, Florida Strawberry Growers Association
This project will provide a hands-on, easy to use teaching model for counties across the state.  Students will have an opportunity to experience fresh, nutritious fruit by growing their own strawberry plant, separating seeds to grow plants or making strawberry milkshakes.


Suwannee County AgVenture
Betty Poucher and Marissa Brown (Volunteers)
Suwannee County Farm Bureau and Suwannee County Extension Service
This project will teach students how a healthy Florida agriculture industry will improve their financial well being, surrounding environment, health and security.  The program consists of a one-day event with 12-15 hands-on stations highlighting different Florida commodities and modern agricultural practices.

Ethics in Youth Livestock Projects
Cindy Sanders, Alachua County Youth Fair
In order to prevent incorrect procedures involved in feeding, training and showing of livestock at youth fairs, a small committee of fair board members, agriculture teachers and extension agents will present information on ethics to the youth in Alachua county. 

Elementary Agricultural Experience Program

Cindy Sanders, Alachua County Youth Fair
Students will be provided guided hands-on tours to educate them about the importance of the Florida agriculture industry.  Tours of the Alachua County Youth Fair will include participation in 10 learning stations: dairy, beef, pork, goats, chickens and rabbits, apiculture, seed identification, horticulture, forestry and wildlife management.  Students will also be given take home information to reinforce what they have learned.

Osceola County Farm-City Days
Christy Walter (Family & Consumer Sciences/4-H Agent, Osceola County Extension)
Fourth grade students will participate in this project to learn where their food, fiber and shelter come from and the importance of agriculture to everyone.  Ten educational, hands-on activities will give students the opportunity to taste an orange, plants a plant, learn how to age a tree and make butter, in addition to other activities.

Learning Through Growing

Glenda Hutzel/I Can Grow, Inc.

This program will provide an agricultural education and the opportunity for agricultural employment to the developmentally disabled through a farm-based educational program.  Students will learn how to plant, care for and harvest fruits and vegetables, business and marketing skills, animal care and social skills.


Washington County Agriculture Exploration Fair
Bruce & Anne Christmas (Washington County Farm Bureau)
The Washington County Extension and Farm Bureau offices will implement a daylong agriculture exploration fair where 4th grade students in the county will rotate through a variety of agriculture lessons.  The classes will include spinning honey, making butter, planting plants, petting cattle, handling row crops, etc. 

Sarasota County Ag Day

Christy L. Biggy, Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service
Sarasota County Extension Service and Farm Bureau will partner with businesses from the agricultural industry to implement a one-day event with hands-on activities for elementary school students.  The activities will instill students with an awareness of and appreciation for the origin of their food, clothing and shelter.

Nassau County Agriculture Extravaganza

Beth Gregory, Nassau County Farm Bureau
Amanda Zeorlin, Nassau County Extension Service
This extravaganza is a three-day experience featuring 13 to 14 learning stations covering a variety of topics such as beef by-products, horticulture, bees and strawberries.  Children will participate in hands-on activities at each station or sample a snack related to the station’s topic.  They will also receive something to take home from each station to reinforce what they learned.

Jackson County Ag Adventure Days

Heather C. Kent, Extension Agent I-4-H/Youth Development
Through classroom activities and field trips, students will be exposed to five environmentally and economically essential areas of Florida agriculture, including row crop production (cotton and peanuts,) beef, dairy, and apiary (beekeeping.)  Students will learn about the impact of Florida agriculture, careers in agriculture and what agriculture means.

Manatee County AgVenture

Diana L. Smith, Manatee County 4-H Youth Programs
This one-day event will educate third grade students in Manatee County about agriculture as it relates to food production, water uses and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.  Hands-on activities at the event will deepen students’ understanding of agriculture, and teachers will be given a suggested list of field trips for more opportunities to learn about agriculture.


Arbor Day – Celebrating Florida Trees!
Julie Markowitz, Industry Program Administrator, Florida Nurserymen & Growers Association
This program will encourage schools to celebrate Florida trees in conjunction with National Arbor Day in rural and urban communities.  The Florida Urban Forestry Council and FNGA worked together to provide planting specifics for trees commonly planted in each school’s region.  One teacher from each school can request a voucher for an information packet, a free tree and a list of FNGA tree growing members in their area.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner