Grant Opportunity
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2000 Award Winners

The grant selection sub-committee narrowed down a field of applicants to seven grants for a total of $17,193.29. The grants awarded are as follows:

Ag Expo for 5th Graders-Marion County: to educate elementary students about agriculture grown in the general area by giving students a hands on experience.

Planning Grant for the Martinez Natural Resources and Agricultural Learning Center-Orange County: to develop a public park that will feature agriculture and environmental learning activities for students as well as the public.

Ag-cellent Adventures-Madison County: to educate children ages 7-12 about agriculture in Madison County. A week-long day camp will allow 40 young people to see where their food comes from, to understand the production process and to learn about jobs in the agriculture industry.

Clay County Ag-tivities-Clay County: this project will create learning barns that would be checked out to teachers for 2-3 weeks. Each learning barn will have books, videos, games, bulletin boards and fun curriculum ideas for the teacher to use.

Hillsborough County Ag Web: Hillsborough Countyto make a technology-based agricultural resource available to students via the world wide web. A website would be designed to educate children in grades 5-8 about the sources of some of their favorite foods. Through interactive, web-based learning, the program plans to increase childrens awareness of the origins of products.

Highlands County Ag-Venture-Highlands County: 3rd graders will experience, hands-on, the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. They will learn about agricultural industries that impact their community, where food comes from and the by-products of these commodities.

The Science of Milk-all counties: to demonstrate the high-tech nature of Floridas dairy farming industry. The program offers teachers another method to teach science: by exploring milks attributes, how its made from cow to consumer and milks transformation into other dairy products.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner