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2002 FAITC Volunteer Grant Winners

FAITC awarded more than $41,000 to nineteen grants across the state.

Manatee County Ag Venture Grant: Through a planned six-week course study on agriculture, third graders will learn about food production, water uses, and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.  The students will also participate in a hands-on event called Ag Venture.  Project was awarded $3,250.

Washington County Ag Exploration Fair Grant: This project is a day-long agriculture fair where all fifth graders in the county will rotate through a variety of different hands-on agriculture lessons.  These lessons include Fun with Plants, Got Milk, Beef Basics, The Fantastic Strawberry, The Incredible Edible Egg, Truck Farming and Field Crops, and Trees and Me.  Project was awarded $750.

Adventure in Ag Grant: Through this project children are given guided tours of the agricultural youth fair with learning stations along the way.  The project takes place during the Marion County Southeastern Youth Fair.  Project was awarded $4,292.

Hillsborough County Ag Venture Spring Program Grant: This program will serve 2,400 third graders through a day-long event where they will learn about agriculture topics in 5 hands-on stations.  Project was awarded $3,545.

Agriculture in Action: Brevard County Grants (4): “Fibers from Nature” was awarded $425 and will teach children about the natural sources of fiber from plants and animals.   “Peter Peter will you be a Pumpkin Eater?” was also awarded $425.  It will teach about pumpkins and how they are a valuable source of nutrition.  “From the Greenhouse to the Square Foot Garden” was awarded $500.  Students will participate in gardening from a greenhouse, creating dish gardens, and transplanting seedlings into square foot garden beds. The last grant awarded was “‘Egg’ citing Experiments in Chicken Embryology.”  It was awarded $540 and will teach children about embryology and poultry production.

Agriscience Explosion Grant: This project provides low performing elementary schools in Orange county with teacher training, technical assistance, and field trips; all of an agricultural nature.  Project was awarded $3,600.

Bradford County Farm City Days Grant: This project includes over 30 learning stations set up for fourth and fifth graders to participate in during a one-day event.  Some of the activities include making butter, making ice cream, planting strawberries, setting up a hydroponic garden and grinding sausage.  Project was awarded $2,090.

Classroom Presentation/Farm Tours Grant: This project will show Marion county second, third and fourth grade students the by-products of a cow and will tell how the animal was raised.  The students are also given the opportunity to make butter and taste it on a cracker.  Project was awarded $500.

Columbia County 4-H Program Grant: This project will impact 1,000 fifth graders in Columbia county.  Children will be taught animal by-products in the fall and fiber production in the spring.  Project was awarded $367.

Bee Keeping-Honey Production Grant: Project will educate children in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Brevard and Collier counties about bees and their importance to agriculture and will explain about honey and its production.  Project was awarded $5,000.

Aquaculture Grant: This project involves producing activity sheets for use by instructors to introduce aquaculture while teaching math, science, art and social studies.  These activity sheets will serve approximately 10,000 students statewide.  Project was awarded $2,000.

Jackson County Ag Adventure Grant: Through classroom activities and field trips students will be exposed to five environmentally and economically essential areas of Florida agriculture.  Project was awarded $1,627.

Manatee County Ag Museum Grant: This project will involve children touring the museum and learning about its contents.  After the tour, they will rotate through various agriculture activity stations.  Project was awarded $2,012.

Osceola Farm City Days Grant: This project will allow fourth graders to have the opportunity to explore agriculture within Osceola county through ten educational activities led by county FFA and 4-H members.  Some activities include playing Beefo Bingo, planting a seedling, tasting an orange, and learning the age of trees.  Project was awarded $2,500.

Sarasota County Ag Day Grant: This project will have students participating in a variety of agriculturally related hands-on activities.  Students will rotate through 5 stations.  Packets containing educational material about Florida agriculture will be distributed to the children.  Project was awarded $1,515.

Traveling Strawberry Station Grant: Project will provide counties across the state of Florida a hands-on, easy to use, teaching model that can be used at Ag ventures, fairs, and in classrooms.  Project will encourage positive learning at home by giving students fun activities and experiments to try at home with parents.  Project was awarded $7,309.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner