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LifeSmarts Online Test

Like a game-show competition LifeSmarts tests the marketplace skills and knowledge of high school students in an entertaining way, and rewards them for this knowledge. The program is designed to complement the curriculum that is already in place in high schools and can be used as an activity for groups, clubs, and organizations. The program is open to teens in grades 9 through 12 from any school, group, or organization, and is accessible to students with disabilities.
LifeSmarts is free!
There is no fee for teens to participate.

LifeSmarts Team

Your coach must register your team. The on-line competition is preliminary to state competition. In late April, the national competition is held in a major metropolitan area. The students will need a few hours away from school for the state competitions. If the team proceeds to the national competition, time away from school will not exceed two days.

LifeSmarts is available in many states and will grow and expand each year. Sponsors include the National Coalition for Consumer Education with the support of MCI, and other companies, agencies and organizations committed to consumer education.
To find out more visit LifeSmarts National Marketplace.

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