Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign Retail Display Material

Fresh from Florida Posters

Buy Fresh from Florida are full color commodity posters available in four variations displaying Florida citrus, tropical fruits and fruits and vegetables. These posters are available in three different sizes, 26” X 36”, 11” X 7” and 7” X 11”.

Price Tracking Kit
Our new price tracking kit contains blue, yellow, white and green 1 1/2 inch bin strips to highlight Fresh from Florida produce, dairy, eggs, juice or fresh foods. This signage fits neatly in standard price track molding.

The Commodity Specific Kit-Price Cards
Commodity Specific Kit The Commodity Specific Kit-Price Cards depicts Fresh from Florida produce on bin strips and price cards for retail display. Specific commodities include; cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, green peppers, snap beans and other fruits and vegetables.

Spanish Dangler
Spanish dangler
The Spanish Dangler expresses the importance of buying Florida products to foreign consumers with the Spanish version of the From Florida USA logo.

Fresh from Florida Dangler
  The Fresh from Florida Dangler is a celebration of the Fresh from Florida logo in a white background.

Tropical Fruit Availability Poster
Do you know when star fruit is in season? What about mangoes?
If you are searching for availability of your favorite tropical fruits, look no further.

With the Tropical Fruit Availability Poster you will always know when your favorite Florida tropical fruit are available and in season. These posters are handy references that feature the seasonality of your favorites.

Taste of Florida Summer Posters  
Enjoy the Taste of a Florida Summer with this tantalizing beach scene promoting Fresh from Florida agricultural commodities. These colorful 7” X 11” posters feature a
display of a variety of Florida produce and promote four specific commodities; tomatoes, citrus, strawberries and tangerines.

Florida Strawberry Bin Wrap
Hype your Florida strawberries with the Florida Strawberry Growers Association's vivid bin wrap. Available through the Department.

Greetings from Your Florida Farmers Poster
The Greetings from Your Florida Farmers posters depict our most popular produce items with a nostalgic Florida postcard reminiscent of historic Florida. With Florida being at the heart of Florida’s
history, what better way to celebrate Florida farmers than with this campaign? Generic posters are available in 16” X 20” and 7” X 11” sizes with postcard image, large 28” X 36” posters displaying Florida produce and 16” X 20” commodity specific posters that feature tomatoes, watermelon, sweet corn, peppers, green beans, squash, strawberries, potatoes, tropical fruit and cucumbers with a limited supply of lettuce and celery. Bin strip in a repeated 8” pattern is also available.

Florida Honey Tags
What’s the buzz? It’s the latest specialized Florida Honey tags. Distinguish your Florida honey from all the rest. Use the tag that speaks for itself.

Fiery-Foods Tag
If it's “hot” or not, this distinctive Fiery-Foods tag is designed for specialty sauces that are produced with quality Florida agricultural products.

Made From Florida Agricultural Products Labels

Commodity Specific Nutrition Cards
Our Commodity Specific Nutrition Cards come complete with detailed nutritional information and illustrations of 13 fruits and vegetable commodities.

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