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Farmer's Market Fresh Cookbook
Sanford State Farmers' Market

Peter Hirst, Senior Market Manager

Doris Denis, Senior Clerk

Main crop: corn
Main commodity: plants/flowers

These are recipes were provided
by the Stahll's Food Company,
a tenant at the Sanford State Farmers' Market.
To find out more or to order
Stahll's Caesar Dressing, contact:
     Walt Stahll's
    Owner, Stahll's Food Company

     Web Site:

State Farmers' Markets
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Classic Caesar Salad with Stahll's Caesar

Wash Romaine lettuce and break wet leaves by hand into a large bowl (Approximately 3 ounces of lettuce per serving). Toss in 1 or 2 tablespoons of Stahll's Caesar dressing per serving. Toss in parmesan cheese and croutons to personal taste.

Chicken Marinade Stahll's Caesar

Place chicken in a plastic bag with enough Stahll's Caesar dressing to cover. After 1 to 2 hours, remove chicken from bag: Grill or lightly bread with fine Italian bread crumbs and bake. Delicious with fresh corn!