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Plumosus Fern Common Name: Plumosus Fern

Botanical Name: Asparagus setaceus
(Liliaceae Family)

Description: 16' to 24' long climber with lacy, rich green needle-like branchlets. The feathery foliage is horizontally aligned on a thin, wiry stem.

Seasonal Availability: Year-round

Vase Life: 7 - 10 days

Purchasing Hints: Foliage should appear shiny and free of yellow or brown coloring. Avoid dehydrated products.

Care and Handling: Remove bundle ties and slant cut one inch from stems base. Shake foliage lightly to reshape after shipping. Place stems in 2" - 3" deep water. Mist foliage and store in a cooler at 36F degrees.

Design Tips: Soft and feathery foliage is perfect to decorate wedding cakes. Use long pieces as cascading focal points in large designs. Excellent for garlands, weddings and funeral work. Popular in Victorian Themes.

Where to find Plumosus Fern:

Albin Hagstrom & Son, Inc.
Alpha Fern Company
Bill Newbold Ferneries
Bryan Groves - Fern Division
C.W. Peterson Ferneries
Charles S. Murphy Fernery, Inc.
Custom Cut Foliage
Ed Davis
Emporia Farms
Evergreen Ferneries
Fancy Foliage, Inc.
Florida Fern & Greens
Forest Grove Ferneries
Freeman Greenlund Ferneries
Gator Greens Co.
Grandview Greenhouses
Green Acres Fernery & Citrus, Inc.
Greens Direct
H & H Greens
Heritage Fine Foliage
Hopkins Quality Foliage, Inc.
Hunter Fern Company

Lake George Ferns, Inc.
Lakeside Foliage, Inc.
Lars Hagstrom Ferneries
Lawrence Farms, Inc.
Lemuel Herring Ferneries
Markalee Blackwelder Fern
Pridgeon Ferneries, Inc.
Raiford G. Hagstrom
Richard Hagstrom Ferneries
Robert F. Greenlund Ferneries
Robert Stone Ferneries
Ron Puckett-Floral Tip Ferns
Ronald Jones Ferneries
Ronald E. Clifton Ferneries
Rusty Harper Ferneries
Sun State Ferneries, Inc.
Tiki Exports, Inc.
Underhill Ferneries
Victor A. Powell Ferneries
W.F.R., Inc.
Warner Ferneries

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