Experience the Tradition
Family Fun Visiting a winery or vineyard in Florida is a fascinating experience for the whole family. Its a part of Florida beyond the beaches and amusement parks. If we could send you a message in a bottle, it would simply say ---"Come sample our heritage and toast our good taste."
Floridas vineyards, wineries and flavorful wines...theyre interesting parts of Florida history that few people know about. But one which more and more people are discovering.

You can stroll through a vineyard, view a harvest, watch the winemaking process --- the corking, bottling and labeling of delicious wines. Most exciting of all, you can actually sample the wonderful and distinctive varieties of delicious Florida wines.
picnic with wines
picking muscadines Some vineyards even let visitors pick grapes right off the vines. Its a wonderful way to take home a sample of Floridas finest --- if you can resist eating the fruits of your labor before you get them home! If the grapes do make it, you can try your own hand at home-winemaking or created a delicious jelly, jam or gourmet meals with the fruit.

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