San Sebastian Winery
St. Augustine, Florida
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Just a few blocks from St. Augustine's Historic District, San Sebastian Winery is a delightful taste of history for the experienced as well as the novice.

Location and Map
San Sebastian Winery is located at 157 King Street, right on the San Sebastian River, one block from the intersection of U.S. One and King Street.

San Sebastian Wines
The San Sebastian Winery uses two distinctive grape varieties to create a delightful taste of history. The first variety is the Florida hybrid bunch grapes which produces dryer, yet very unique wines comparing favorably with finer, early maturing white wines of Europe. The second variety, the Native Muscadine, creates wines which are full bodied, full of character and have abundant fruit flavor.

Hospitality and Contacts
San Sebastian wines and an assortment of gift and wine accessories are available for purchase at the winery.
Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Phone: 904/826-1594 or 888/FLA WINE (352-9463)
San Sebastian Wine Tasting


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According to historians, wine and the art of winemaking emerged with the beginning of recorded history. French Huguenots who settled North America around 1562 made wine from the abundantly wild Muscadine grapes found growing near present day St. Augustine. This is the first recorded reference to wine made from grapes grown in the "New World". Since that time, grape growing and wine production in Florida have continued to develop as an industry.

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