Taste the Tradition

A century before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock...
Three hundred years before California became a state...
Wine was being made in Florida.
Florida ~ a name given by Spanish explorers in recognition of the states beautiful fruits and flowers. And among that rich vegetation, lush native grapevines were discovered on Floridas east coast.

Following the lead of the French, Spanish settlers harvested the wild grapes... and applying the same traditions of their homeland, converted Floridas wild muscadine into the first American wine.
purple muscadines
vineyard Through the centuries, Floridas rich soils and rolling hills have supported both vineyards and winemaking. The success of Muscadine wine is the byproduct of Old World traditions and new world production methods.
muscadines The muscadine.
It evokes memories of sleepy summer afternoons in the deep south...smooth, aromatic and nostalgic muscadine wines. Theyre a southern specialty produced nowhere else on earth.

For example, scientists concerned with developing hybrid bunch grapes and improving the native muscadines, have created a wider variety of wine grapes. For seventy years, scholars at the University of Florida have been committed to improving sunshine state grapes. This research has developed varieties that flourish in Floridas subtropical climate, well-suited to our soils and perfect for winemaking.
The development of these new hybrid grapes --- with high fruit, taste and aroma qualities --- secures the promise of a bright future for Floridas vineyards.

Elegant and distinctive --- new world wine from Old World traditions...the efforts of modern-day pioneers, aspiring to create the finest Florida can offer.

Click here for helpful guidelines and delicious recipes for cooking with Florida wines, provided by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

muscadine wine

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