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Smoked Venison Salad
Smoked Venison Salad

"Florida Venison: Tender and Mild!"
Black Pepper Venison Tenderloin
Braised Venison Ribs
Fiesta Venison
Grilled Venison Burgers
Smoked Venison Leg
Smoked Venison Salad
Spiced Venison Meat Balls
Venison Fillet with Pecan Sauce
Venison Stew

Exotic Recipes

Cedar Roasted Lamb Porterhouse

Ostrich and Emu
"Ostrich and Emu: The Exotic, Versatile and Healthy Red Meat"
Boomerang Steaks
Ostrich Orzo
Ostrich Patties with Mushroom Sauce
Ostrich Skewers
Ostrich Stroganoff

"Alligator in the Kitchen"
Crocked Gator
Fried Alligator
Sautéed Alligator Medallions in Dijon Mustard Sauce
Smothered Alligator

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